Project: Ghana Housing Project
Client: Llale & Co
Role: Architect
Budget: Unknown
Project Status: Proposal stage

This Affordable Housing Development Proposal, which is targeted at the social worker sector of the local market  is structured to be subsidised by government funding which would allow mortgages to be repayable repayable interest-free, to facilitate the development of affordable housing in Ghana. Public Funding would help with the up-front expenses incurred during the process of developing an affordable housing project proposal and enable housing proponents to carry out the activities required to bring their proposal to the point where they can apply for mortgage financing. The proposal identifies a  commercial strip envisaged to realise the newly created markets needs at a close proximity.

Key Design Elements

Quantity Area
Units 30 85m2
100 60m2
78 35m2
Total Units  408
Parking Bays Required 408 Bays
Project Cost Estimate R–M
Implementation time Estimated xx months


Important Financial Assumptions

Land cost unknown
Bulk services
Feasibility based on mixed use and integrated housing development
Units focused on “rent-to-­buy”
CombinaJon of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom units
Unit sizes – selected for subsidy purposes
Selling prices aimed at first-time home owners
Housing subsidies available where applicable

Ghana Housing Project