Mother Earth

Project: Mother Earth House
Location: Waterfall Estate, JHB
Role: Design Architect, Interior Architect
Estimated Budget: R2.1 Million
Project Status: Complete

The brief for this home, was to achieve a modern aesthetic without feeling ‘cold’ and ‘detached’, utilise african endogenous colours without becoming cliché’, but most of all not go over the modest budget.

Project: New Residence Design: House Nkosi
Location: Mount Road, Bryanston, JHB
Role: Design Architects, Quality Assurance
Estimated Budget: R35 Million
Project Status: Completed

This upmarket home in the heart of Bryanston, the client’s brief was to capture the views of Sandton and provide a classic look. This automated home is finished in marble and stucco, four car garage, 4 car park portico, home theatre, 8 bedrooms all en-suite, 3 lounges, dining area, lavish kitchen, pantry and scullery. A home designed to be fit for royalty.

House Nkosi
Flying Canopy

Project: Flying Canopy House
Location: Stone Ridge Estate, JHB
Role: Design Architect / Quality Assurance
Estimated Budget: R 4.2 Million
Status: Council Approval

This modern residential project requires adherence to strict committee rules, whilst pleasing the client requirements, which we have extensive experience in achieving. We are scheduled to break ground 1 July 2015.

Project: New Residential Design : House Sekhukhune
Location: Pezula Private Estate, Knysna
Role: Design Architect / Landscape Architect
Estimated Budget: R 20 Million
Status: Aesthetics Committee Submission stage 2

A holiday house situated on the hills of the Pezula Private Estate, Knysna. The building is designed to maximise the entry of north light, through use of reflection ponds, mono-pitch roofs with clerestory windows, treated glass and linked courtyard, on the heavily sloped south facing landscape.

House Sekhukhune
House Magapa

Project: New Residential Design: House Magapa
Location: Waterfall Estate, JHB
Role: Design Architect, Quality Assurance
Estimated Budget: R 18 Million
Project Status: Construction stage – 80% complete

A new family home at the Waterfall Estate. This project requires adherence to strict committee rules, whilst pleasing the client requirements, which was achieved. We are scheduled for practical completion 1 July 2015.

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House Magapa

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House Sekhukhune

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Mother Earth House

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